Our Wingin' It Wednesday panel was a member down as Stafford Barnett was out of town, but Carol Ross and Warren Caudle tackled the following topics on this week's edition.

1. Are state legislators any closer to a solution for the budget gap as the 5th special legislative station rolls on in Baton Rouge?
2. LCG council debated the use of speed cameras installed in school zones. What do you think of the plan? How will they decide who will get the contract?
3. Schools in Evangeline Parish were closed on Tuesday as investigators looked into several online threats. What is an appropriate punishment for students who make these threats or spread the rumor of one?
4. The debate over how best to protect students on campuses across America rages on. Obviously, there is no way to identify one factor in last week's shooting, but more security seems to be a common thread between Democrats and Republicans. The question is who is going to pay for all of this extra security when districts are already strapped for cash?

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