Our Wingin' It Wednesday panel, consisting of Carol Ross, Stafford Barnett and Warren Caudle tackled these following topics on this week's episode.

1) Shutdown averted. Will we have a repeat in three weeks? Should we demand more from lawmakers who seem to have waited until the last minute to even negotiate? Also, it seems like Domocrats and Republicans are split among themselves on who got what in the CR. Is the decide going to be problematic in the midterms?

2) Governor John Bel Edwards unveils the worst-case scenario. One of the biggest cuts is to TOPS which would see an 80% drop in funding. Was anything accomplished or were these just fear tactics.

3) Marshal Brian Pope’s legal team files a subpoena for the list of people who signed the recall petition against him. Recall organizers say they were destroyed. Are we nearing an end to this anytime soon?

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