Lafayette Parish School Board/KPEL Staff Photo

Winging It Wednesday today featured Mike Stagg and Carol Ross with Warren Caudle taking some time off to be with family.  Our panelists discussed a recent letter from former Lafayette Parish School member Ricky Hardy and the just announced Iran nuclear treaty.

In Hardy's letter to the Daily Advertiser he criticized the Lafayette Parish School Board for spending $200,000 for legal council even though they are provided free legal council by the District Attorney's office.

According to Stagg there are a few issues with the School Board matter.

The core question is what has happened to the assistant District Attorney that was providing them advice, that the majority of the Board no longer trusts the judgement, because they are able, like any other public, parish body able to have an assistant DA to be their counsel.  Apparently they don't trust the counsel they were getting from the assistant DA they had.  So they go to this outside firm and they had apparently done work with this firm before.

Regarding the issue of $200,000 being used frivolously on outside counsel by the Board affecting passage of proposed taxes Stagg said,

If you're not going to vote on a school system tax any excuse will do and this will do if that is what you're looking for.

Carol Ross had another take on the issue of outside legal counsel for the School Board and said,

When the School Board did not get the opinion they wanted from the District Attorney that's when they went lawyer shopping...Lawyers are not the only way the system is spending money it does not need to.  We've seen these insurance consultants that never even had a contract and they don't even know what they're going to pay them.

To hear more of Ross and Stagg's comments on the School Board and the Iranian nuclear deal take a listen to the entire program by clicking on the link below: