Of all things that could have happened to begin the new year, I would never have expected this or wished it on anyone.

A Youngsville family is asking for the return of a man's ashes.

Were they inadvertently left somewhere? Where they accidentally thrown in the trash? Were they dropped off at a donation box for the needy?

The answers to the above questions are all the same - no.

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Karl Hebert took to the Nextdoor social media app to ask the community for its help in recovering ashes that were stolen from a vehicle.

In the post, Hebert sets up what happened by describing what happened to the ashes.

Hebert says that his son's car was broken into on New Year's night, and several items that were in his car were stolen.

After the passing of the young man's father last year, he has been carrying the ashes of his father with him everywhere he went.

The ashes had stayed in the vehicle that night and, unfortunately, were stolen when the thief or thieves broke into his car.

Hebert posted that the ashes were in a small box "that you can hold in one hand" and, since the box is sealed, one would have no idea what it contains.


To make this painful story even more unbearable - the ashes were stolen on the anniversary of the father's death.

The family, it Hebert's post, says that the thief or thieves can keep everything else, they just want their family member's remains back.

The theft occurred in Youngsville off of Bonin Road (somewhere between Fortune Road and E. Milton Avenue - Highway 92) during the early morning hours.

The box that contained the remains is described as a "small brown wood box that you can hold in one hand and is sealed".

How can you help? If you know anyone that has recently "acquired" new stuff, tell them about this story.

If you actually know who committed this crime, have them do the right thing and return the ashes or reach out to the Youngsville Police Department and give them any information you may have about this crime.

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