On Tuesday afternoon (12/5), the normally peaceful streets of Youngsville were buzzing with police activity, causing widespread concern among residents. A substantial police presence, complete with sirens and roadblocks, particularly around parts of the Youngsville highway, prompted many locals to advise others to steer clear of the area.

The tension escalated with unconfirmed reports circulating about a possible active shooter, rumors that schools were being placed on lockdown, and the possibility of an armed individual on the loose. This wave of rumors and fear spread rapidly across the community, heightening the anxiety among nearby residents.

However, a sense of calm was restored around 6 p.m. when Youngsville Police Chief Cody Louviere issued a clarifying statement. Chief Louviere confirmed that the heavy law enforcement presence was due to a pursuit of a burglary suspect who had fled on foot from officers of the Youngsville Police Department. The incident, which occurred in the Fairfax subdivision and around Guilliot/Nicole Drive, led to the establishment of a perimeter, and ultimately, the apprehension of the suspect.

According to News 15, at least two nearby schools were forced to shelter in place as police chased the burglar.

Chief Louviere assured the public that the situation was under control and that further details would be released as the investigation into the case progressed.

The incident, while initially causing distress, ended without any reported injuries or further incidents. The residents of Youngsville, who had been on edge during the unfolding events, expressed their gratitude for the swift action of the local law enforcement.

We will continue to monitor this story and provide updates as new information becomes available. Stay tuned for the latest developments on this situation in Youngsville.

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