It will be up to voters in Youngsville as to whether or not they want a 4 percent tax on hotel stays in their community even though there are no hotels in the city.

Mayor Wilson Viator calls the tax approved by the council last week a bit of wishful thinking. Either way, voters will decide the issue October 19th.

Viator says even though it might be wishful thinking right now, he knows that at some point his quickly growing city will get a hotel.

Viator says a hotel will likely be on the radar soon as their community is constructing a $16.3 million recreation complex.  They are hoping to lure large regional sport tournaments to their town.

He says consultants suggest that the park will likely attract one million visitors annually in the short span of a few years.

Construction on the sports complex continues with an expected completion date at the end of this year and an opening sometime in January or February.

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