Who in their right mind thinks it's fun or funny to damage or destroy facilities that are meant for our kids? Obviously there is someone in the Kaplan area that feels vandalism must be funny based on what happened at a youth sports complex over the weekend.

That post from the Kaplan Youth Athletic Association Facebook page sums it up quite nicely. I too would like to have a few minutes alone with the individual that felt destroying something meant for our kids was a good idea.  I bet I could persuade that individual to see the error of their ways.

However, since we don't live in a vigilante society we should allow the proper authorities the leeway they need to investigate this incident, find the perpetrator(s), and file the appropriate charges.

To aid in getting information about this crime there is a $100 reward being offered for information that brings this or these individuals to justice.

If you have information on this crime please contact Kaplan Police. If you're thinking of committing this type of crime then move to Alabama where dimwitted people come up with bad ideas all the time. Well, yeah you'll still be arrested, but at least we won't have to deal with your kind anymore.

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