Today we had Personal Chef Jon Soileau tell us just how easy and fun it can be to use fresh herbs when you are cooking.  He brought samples with him and told us what each can be used for.  As to why to use them, Soileau said,

Using them adds an element that you can't get out of a dried herb.

Herbs that are fresh tend to add more flavor to your food than a dried herb, but Soileau cautions that you don't want to overdo it.  Fresh herbs tend to be best used when you are cooking something on the spot.  They can not only be used in soups, dishes and other things, but also in dressings.  He endorsed using them by saying,

If you have not used fresh herbs in your food, do yourself a favor and find some fresh herbs.  Go to Home Depot or somewhere else and get plants so you have it around.

You can listen to the interview below and make sure you check out the video below that is extra content that Jon shared with us after the interview.  He goes more in depth to tell you what he brought.

Enjoy the bonus content and bon appetit!