While attracting people may be the logical point of running a business,repelling people may save your business some headache, according to Jaci Russo, who sat down with Carroll Ross on today's edition of "Brand Buzz."

"What you don't want to do is try to be all things to all customers," Russo said. "So you want to establish who you are so people don't waste their time coming in some place that's not a match for what they need."

Russo said this type of magnetic marketing is not unlike the two poles of a magnet: both poles are needed for the magnet to work properly. So it is with you business, she said.

Maintaining a logical floor layout and a knowledgeable staff is key, but being aware to certain types of customers, such as those who insist on using coupons or who are habitual returners, could help keep your business profitable.

The same practices can apply to those businesses with an online footprint. Just like physical layout their sales floors with those items having the highest profit margins up front and center, online stores can layout their websites in a similar manner.

"You make them click a little further to get to the things that are more clearance-based," Russo said. "And you basically should lay out your shopping cart the way you lay out your retail floor."

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