Jon Soileau is a personal chef and a guy that knows and plays with food.  He joined us on the Afternoon Drive Home with Jeremy Lawrence to talk about his background in food and what his plans are to tell people about what he knows.  He'll join us every Friday to chat about food and fun and give us some of his experience.

When he spoke with Jeremy about coming home to South Louisiana, Soileau said,

I decided that I was tired of being behind the walls and not being in view of the people which you're cooking for.  Being able to interact with those people and teach them some things that maybe they don't experience at a restaurant.

Soileau told us that he would come back next week and have a sample of Southern Comfort Candied Bacon for us to sample and we would spend some time talking about the new "bacon sundae" that is being sold now.  In the meantime, feel free to enjoy this week's conversation below: