In this edition of Brand Buzz, Jaci Russo uses Randy Moss, a prolific and polarizing NFL wide receiver, to relate to businesses struggling with being misunderstood.

If you follow sports, you are familiar with Randy Moss, prolific and polarizing NFL wide receiver.  Looking at his skill and ability you would think that he would be one of the top players ever to play the game.  Yet with all of that potential and talent, he was vastly misunderstood.

Do you have a great product but your potential consumers don't know you exist?  Or even worse they've heard of you but don't realize how great you are?  Do you think 'if I could just explain it to them' then they would love us.  If your target consumers aren't excited about you then you need to find a way to change the conversation.  Like Randy Moss, you might be misunderstood.

Today we cover the following:

What's wrong with being misunderstood?

Who are you?

Do they 'get it'?

Change the conversation