If they can have a baseball hall of fame without Pete Rose then I can create a hall of fame that is just as viable based on Facebook comments. The other day on the social media platform we asked a simple question. "Who should be in the They-Got-the-Little-Things-Right Hall of Fame?"

I was inspired by the fact that I love the ice from Sonic. It's not a big deal but it's that little thing, the ice, that makes me pull into a Sonic Drive-In when I am thirsty for a fountain beverage.

We soon found out that many of you have a lot of "little motivators" that keep you heading back to certain spots for specific things. We tried to break them down for you by category but that turned out to be more confusing than watching the interpreters try to tell the hearing impaired what our Governor was saying about coronavirus.

So, here you go, in no particular order with no particular rhyme or reason. Our 10 Suggestions for the Acadiana Gets the Little Things Right Hall of Fame.

10 Members of Acadiana Got the Little Things Right Hall of Fame


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