19-year-old Ryan Alasia Johnson of Kentwood is dead after a fatal crash Wednesday evening on I-10 East about three miles east of Louisiana Avenue.

According to a press release from Louisiana State Police Trooper Thomas Gossen, it all started when 41-year-old Carol Ann Brooks of Breaux Bridge needed to pull over because of a flat tire. Gossen says she was stopped on the inside eastbound lane of I-10 inside the construction zone. As eastbound traffic coming behind her slowed down, a car being driven by 19-year-old Kendall Raymone Wilkerson struck the back of a pickup truck. Then, a fourth vehicle being driven by 34-year-old Felicia Danielle Cormier of Scott, hit the back of Wilkerson's car. That caused Wilkerson's car, with Johnson inside, to hit the jersey wall and come to rest on the inside lane. Cormier's vehicle blocked the outside lane.

Johnson, who was wearing a seat belt as a rear seat passenger, was pronounced dead on the scene.

Trooper Gossen says the other people involved suffered injuries ranging from minor to moderate.

Authorities are investigating as blood samples are being analyzed.

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