Netflix premiered a brand new documentary overnight featuring superstar Taylor Swift. "Miss Americana" details her rise to fame and how events along the way have shaped her publicly and privately.

But, there is something familiar if you look closely at the beginning of the film: the CAJUNDOME. Video from Taylor's 2010 concert in Lafayette is featured in the portion of the documentary about the earliest years of her blossoming career. You can see the trademark red brick lobby and a crowd of early supporters taking pictures of her. The first shot is around 3:15, but you see it more through the film.

It's a pretty cool nod to the way support from cities like Lafayette fueled her career as a global superstar.

You can watch the official trailer below:

"Miss Americana" is the first time she has spoken publically about why she has been more open about her own politics. She says everything changed for her when she sued a Colorado radio DJ for sexual assault after he grabbed her during a photo op. She won that case and decided that she would start to speak up more. It remains to be seen how that decision will affect her career long-term.

You can watch "Miss Americana" on Netflix now.

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