Turning right on red is a common thing these days. In most situations, when you are at a traffic light, you are allowed to turn right when traffic flow permits.

However, this was not always the case.

A post shared by the popular local Facebook Group "Lafayette Memories" reveals that it was on this very date some 45 years ago when turning red was first allowed in Lafayette.

The post sources an article from the Lafayette Daily Advertiser from March 11, 1976 which wrote in part:

Right turns on red will be allowed at two Lafayette intersections on a trial basis beginning next week as part of a plan to help traffic flow at major intersections.

Mayor Kenny Bowen said signs allowing right turn on red will be installed at the intersection of East Cypress St. and Lee Ave. at three approaches and at one approach at Vine and Third Sts.

He said if the plan proves effective in helping traffic flow at these intersections it will be carried on to other intersections in the city.

Crazy to think it's only been 45 years since we've been able to turn right on red in Lafayette.

If our research is correct, legislation was first passed in Louisiana in 1962 regarding traffic-control signals and the rules of "colored lights." The bill was amended in 1976, so perhaps the red light rules weren't added until then.

(We're not exactly sure what parts were added when, but you can read all of the RS 32:232 bill here.)

Whatever the history of this now-common traffic light practice, happy 45th anniversary to you "Turn On Red in Lafayette Day!"

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