We all have our vices and we all have bad habits. There are some vices and or habits such as smoking, drinking to excess, and taking a phone call during a funeral that can cause personal safety issues. Then again there are habits that are deemed to be bad but actually beneficial to you.

  • movieclips via You Tube
    movieclips via You Tube

    Passing Gas

    Despite its social impropriety expelling gas is just part of the natural process. While the odor might not be pleasant the benefits are quite pleasant. We all feel better after we let one rip don't we? Passing gas prevents the build up of gas in your intestines which if not expelled could lead to something even worse than the smell of road kill baking in a paper mill.

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    Joe Raedel/Getty Images


    This is very similar to the above benefit. It's just passing gas out of the attic instead of the basement. Burping, while rude in this country, is actually a compliment in other countries. Many of us should move to those countries. We would be kings if we did. Burping releases pressure in the stomach. That pressure could actually damage the connection between the esophagus and the stomach allowing stomach acid to create a painful burning sensation.

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    Staff Photo

    Biting Your Nails

    It doesn't leave your hands in super model shape but it does have its benefits. Biting your nails exposes your body to new germs. Wait, that's really a good thing. These new germs are introduced in small amounts. This gives the body a chance to build up an immunity should a larger dose be introduced. Biting your nails is cosmetically bad but actually a good thing for your overall health.

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    pancho6, ThinkStock


    This is another activity that is socially frowned upon especially during a wedding, a dinner party, or a church service. Spitting serves a useful purpose by helping you breath better. Many runners and physically active people know how much spitting improves the airway into the lungs. The reason spitting helps is  because it reduces inflammation in the throat caused by heavy breathing. I would suppose this technique could be useful if you're an obscene phone in your spare time.

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    Eating In Bed

    The basic downfall of eating in bed if you ask me is sleeping in crumbs or bits of pasta and salad. I was personally surprised to learn that eating while reclining actually aids your digestion. It's more of being relaxed while eating that does the real work. Still under this premise going to bed with a Whopper could take on a whole new meaning couldn't it?

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