Lafayette City Parish Council Chairman Jared Bellard joined "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" today to talk about last night's council meeting.

He says in council business, members unanimously passed a resolution giving the go-ahead for Lafayette City Parish President Joey Durel to enter into negotiations with RedFlex.  Bellard says it was not necessary to do this as by law the President has the authority already to negotiate contracts.  On the topic of RedFlex, Bellard says an introductory ordinance will be up for approval this May 1st that would, if approved, do away with the Safe Light/Safe Speed program.  To get more on this story, click here.

The Safe Light/Safe Speed program allows cameras to be put at some intersections to catch people speeding or running red lights.  Two speed vans also monitor speeds in various areas of the city and the unicorporated areas of the parish.

Bellard says two different things happened last night that don't normally happen, but the other business was routine.  All in all, he says the night was relatively uneventful.

All City Parish Council meetings are normally played live and recorded by Acadiana Open Channel, the public's free cable access channel.  He says last night that did not happen as A-O-C was moving to another building, and the correct equipment wasn't set up.  He says it will be as usual next week.  The second thing that was different, Bellard says, was that the council meeting was over quickly.  He says he was home by 7:30.  He says it is very rare since meetings usually are quite long, lasting until midnight on some occasions.

To hear all of Councilman Bellard's comment, click below:

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