By now you have seen the images of many Afghans chasing a US Air Force plane down a runway in Kabul as they attempt to flee Afghanistan.

But what you may not have seen yet is the actual footage of one many clinging onto the plane as it begins to depart.

Yes, a man filmed himself and others while holding onto the giant US plane in hopes of escaping the Taliban who has invaded Afghanistan.


Thousands of people are still being evacuated from Afghanistan, but some were so desperate that they took a chance to escape the country by riding on the outside of a plane that was about to fly away.

Earlier this week we showed you photos and video of people falling from this plane, and we do not know the status of this man who filmed himself on the plane.

Evacuations continue, but sadly reports out of Afghanistan say that the Taliban is not allowing anyone near the airport in Kabul.

Here's the video released this week from the airport that shows people falling from the plane that this man was on as it took to the sky. Three people reportedly fell to their death.

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