Are these angels in this photo?

April Deaville debated about posting these photos online, but she did and I am glad that she's allowed us to share them with you.

The story goes like this, prior to Hurricane Barry hitting south Louisiana, April decided to evacuate her home. She knew that her property is prone to flooding and she decided to do the wise thing and relocate her family.

Well, prior to leaving her home, April grabbed two photos to take with her. One photo was of her mother and the other was of her grandmother, both who are now deceased.

April says that she prayed to both of them to watch over her property while she and her family were gone. Well, while away from her home, April decided to check on her property via the security cameras.

That's when she noticed something different in the photos. She says that sees two angels in the photo, watching over her property.

Of course, this will be up for debate, but April says that she believes her mother and grandmother were both there when she wasn't.

Check out the photos below and let us know what you think.

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