THIBODAUX, La. (KPEL) -- You never want to mess with a woman and her fingernails. Especially when it's said woman's daughter's fingernails. She just might not take it lightly.

Thibodaux Police Chief Scott Silverii said 21-year-old Andreniki Franklin was booked into jail Thursday afternoon after "yelling and cursing for someone to fix her child's nail polish."

Silverii said she was told to wait because the employees were helping other customers. That's when things went from strange to just downright crazy.

She assaulted on of the employees, Silverri said.

"At one point, Franklin tried hitting an employee with an end table, but was stopped by a bystander," Silverii said.

Franklin was booked into the Lafourche Parish Detention Center on a laundry list of charges, including two counts of simple battery, entering or remaining after being forbidden, aggravated assault, and disturbing the peace.

"Franklin denies doing anything wrong," Silverri said, "claiming all of the witnesses were lying."

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