Another political internet hoax is making its rounds, this one claiming to be President Trump's "Rule: The Congressional Reform Act of 2017.

According to the Truth or Fiction website, this story was deemed "Not True".

First of all, to the lady that forwarded that junk to me: it's 2019. We're no longer in 2017. How can it be a reform act of 2017 when that year ended (wait, let me do the math here....) over 2 years ago?

Anyhoot, I like some of the ideas put forth in this hoax (which is how hoaxes are usually perpetuated: they touch on your emotions or include something with which you agree): No tenure or pension for Congresspersons; Congresspersons must abide by all laws they impose on the American People; Congresspersons will no longer vote themselves a pay raise, etc.

All great ideas, but not an official act, and not a legitimate "forward", if you ask me.

(Truth or Fiction, Facebook/Corey Lauchner)