For the second time in less than 2 weeks, an actor who appeared on the sitcom Seinfeld has died.

On April 2, Estelle Harris died at the age of 93. Along with providing the voice of Mrs.Potato Head on the family hit "Toy Story", Harris also played the role of George Costanza's mother, Estelle Costanza, on Seinfeld.

Variety posted a story outlining her career that began in the 1970s:

Today, we received the news of another great actor's passing: Liz Sheridan.

Sheridan played the role of Helen, Jerry Seinfeld's mother on the sitcom.

Sheridan, like Harris, was also 93 at the time of her death.

Sheridan's career also began in the 1970s and IMDB lists her first credit as "Rose" on the television series "Kojak" in 1977. Sheridan was still working until 2010.

She was the last remaining actor to play a parent to a Seinfeld character; the rest of those actors have already passed on.

It is reported that Sheridan passed away in her sleep.

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