Driver dichotomy anyone? Everyday we have reports, and sometimes multiple reports of accidents on Interstate 10 closing traffic. No research here, just personal observations at random times but it seems to me that more and more drivers are exceeding the speed limit and living the lives of NASCAR least in their fantasies.

The dichotomy is the people driving in Lafayette on major thoroughfares without any clue of the posted speed limit...I mean people driving 10 miles under the speed limit on South College and the left lane for goodness sake! I know some of them are going to WalMart on Pinhook and they don't want to ever switch lanes in their trek from New Iberia, Cade, Coteau or Broussard but jeez....from the Youngsville Highway to WalMart on Pinhook use the right lane if you're going to lollygag at 10 miles an hour under the speed limit and then use your left turn indicator to signal your intent to get in the middle turning lane....don't wait until you're almost fully in the lane before signalling your intent. Most of the time the person behind you knows you're switching lanes by the fact that you applied your brakes and zigged to the left.

If you're new to an area such as Lafayette, it is wise to use the right or slower lane until you get the lay of the land so you don't aggravate everyone who knows where they are going.

As far as I-10 goes I think the only thing that will help is put state troopers every two miles on each side of the road and right tickets for any one doing 2 miles over the speed limit. Maybe large blinking signs that say 'WAKE UP' or 'PAY ATTENTION' might work but I doubt if the extra troopers or the signs would really help. Rather scary to think that an accident on I-10 in either direction that closes traffic for 12 hours could be compounded by a similar accident on US 190 at the same time. True you could use my favorite route down US 90 or the future I-49 to get to New Orleans but what if for some strange reason you had to get to Baton Rouge? I don't know which I hate more, driving on I-10 or driving through Baton Rouge.