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House and Senate Republicans Look Nervous

Last week, we mentioned that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was moving a lot of money into various Senate races, like for J.D. Vance of Ohio. He also held a fundraiser for Herschel Walker of Georgia over the weekend. Many in the media are speculating that with polling showing a bump for Democrats, Republicans are panicking.

I'm not entirely sure. Neither is The American Spectator.

A new poll conducted for the Institute of Politics at Harvard University by Echelon Insights asked likely voters the following question: “If you had to choose just one, which would you say is the biggest issue facing the country today?” The top response was “cost of living.” Abortion came in fifth. When asked to choose between “protecting abortion rights” and “reducing inflation,” voters chose the latter by a 39 percent margin. Two-thirds of respondents answered, “reducing inflation.” Only 27 percent answered “protecting abortion rights."

Nor is Echelon the only poll that suggests voters will be thinking about inflation rather than abortion when they vote. The Latest Economist/YouGov survey, conducted from August 20–23, asked respondents, “Which of these [15] issues is the most important to you?” The top response was “inflation/prices.” Abortion again ranked fifth in importance. The poll also shows an enthusiasm gap favoring the GOP. Two-thirds of Republicans say they “definitely will vote” in the midterms, compared to 59 percent of Democrats who will cast a ballot.

The New Iran Deal Doesn't Look Great

The Jerusalem Post has a breakdown of the most recent draft of the "new" Iran Deal between western powers and the rogue state. Not only are we going to give them access to a ton of their money again, but we're actually going to lift an arms embargo. Seriously.

“Completion day” would come on day 165, on which all nuclear restrictions and sanctions relief would go into effect. The US would lift the conventional arms embargo on Iran and allow further trade between the countries, and Iran would remove the remaining enrichment infrastructure.


There do not appear to be any real enforcement mechanisms in this deal. It's more honey than vinegar, and it threatens to further destabilize the Middle East.

Audit Coming for Josh Guillory?

Lafayette Mayor President Josh Guillory
KPEL Photo

The Lafayette City Council appears poised to vote for an audit and investigation into Josh Guillory's drainage projects. It's the latest in a series of headlines that have shown growing tension between the council and Guillory's office. The vote will be held during the September 6 meeting of the council.

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