Residents in the Carencro-Upper Lafayette area face vehicle problems after fueling up at the Chevron station at 930 Veterans Drive. Reports of cars experiencing severe mechanical issues have emerged, with one vehicle being completely disabled due to contaminated fuel,

Incident Reports

Brittany Devillier was among the first to report issues. After filling her tank on Monday, May 13, her car began jerking less than a mile from the station. Devillier noted that the fuel had a strange smell. Her mechanic later confirmed that the fuel in her tank was from a bad batch.

LaQuena Mouton also fell victim to the bad gas. With her power out due to storms, Mouton decided to stay with her mother in Duson. She refueled her 2019 Honda Civic Sport at the same Chevron and remembers seeing Devillier, along with another motorist, being towed. Mouton's car barely reached the next exit on I-49 before it stalled. After spending four hours on the side of the road, her car was towed to a Honda dealership, where tests confirmed that the bad gas was the culprit.

Chevron's Alleged Response

An employee at the Chevron station confirmed to KPEL News there was a fuel issue. Customers who purchased fuel from this location between Monday evening and Tuesday morning are advised to fill out paperwork at the station.

Mouton initially faced resistance when she returned to the station to report her issue. An employee denied her claims, stating that "pump two was broken for months." However, after contacting Chevron's corporate office and the Agriculture and Forestry Department, Mouton received further assistance. The owner of the Chevron eventually provided her with a receipt acknowledging the issue.

Mouton also noted that on Thursday (May 16), all pumps at the 930 Veterans Chevron were covered in bags.

Reactions on Social Media

Social media has been buzzing with reactions to the bad gas incident:

- Brittany Devillier posted, "Whoever got gas recently at this Chevron in Carencro, your car isn’t working properly because they had a bad batch of gas. I had to have my car towed to my mechanic."

- Devillier's post was similar to Mouton's Facebook post, which read, "Chevron on Veterans next to Texaco! I filled up yesterday, and my car died immediately. Honda confirmed it was bad gas. I’m livid!"

Comments on these posts reveal that this isn’t an isolated incident. One user mentioned a similar situation at a gas station in Crowley, while another suggested that red dye diesel might have been mixed with the regular fuel, causing the issues.

Advice for Affected Motorists

For those who might have filled up at this Chevron station during the specified time frame, it's crucial to take action:

1. Check for Symptoms: Bad gas can cause difficulty starting, hesitant ignition, stalling, trouble accelerating, rough shifting, reduced fuel economy, and irregular changes in speed.
2. Mix New and Old Gas: Add three parts of new gas to one part of old gas and mix well.
3. Add Fuel Additives and Cleaners: These can help clear out build-ups and improve engine performance.
4. Notify the Gas Station: Immediately Report the issue and complete the necessary forms.
5. Visit a Mechanic: Inspect your car to confirm if the gas is contaminated.

Harmful gas can dilute your car’s fuel, reducing its combustibility and causing unexpected engine stalls. Addressing the issue promptly to avoid further damage is essential.

For more information, motorists are encouraged to contact Chevron’s corporate office at (925) 842-1000 or the Agriculture and Forestry Department at (225) 952-8100

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