As a kid, I can remember big lightning and thunderstorms rolling through and being scared to death of them. The giant flashes and then thunder would make me climb under the covers and hide. I have fond memories of my dad standing out on the front porch at our house in Sulphur watching the storm. I remember a few times yelling at him to come inside knowing he was gonna get struck.

Facebook, Katie Poole

After some time, I would get brave enough to stand by the door and watch with him. I remember him telling me how light travels faster than sound. We would count the time in between a flash of lightning and then the sound of thunder. You take the amount of time between the flash and sound and divide it by five. Five seconds would be a mile, 15 seconds would be three miles. I think this was his way of conditioning me to not be as scared. Don't worry, we ran inside if the count was less than zero!

Facebook, Heather Fontenot

The lightning has been rather intense it seems with the last few storms. Last night was no exception for it. I ran across a few photos that people posted and wanted to share them with you. The photos are amazing and truly just shows the power of what weather can do.

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