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The existence of Bigfoot has been long debated. Depending on who you talk to, it's either an impossibility or something that's common knowledge. Despite all the sightings over the years, the definitive 'proof' of Bigfoot's existence is the Patterson-Gimlin film. That film was taken in October of 1967. Despite the "lack of evidence", many still believe in the existence of Sasquatch and there are dozens of 'legitimate' sightings a year. Much like the UFO folks, there are people that go through every claimed sighting to verify the facts and make sure it's not someone just making it up.

In fact, we post a story a couple of months ago titled "Could Bigfoot Be Hiding in North Louisiana?" and the response was kind of crazy. We had listeners invite us to their camps and houses to see where they saw the mythical creature and all kinds of stuff. With all the serious claims, it got me thinking "where would the best places be to hunt for Bigfoot?"

So, we started doing a TON of research. We found articles from experts from places like the El Paso Times, we pulled up the official Bigfoot Mapping Project website, pulled data and sighting from the Bigfoot Research Organization, we talked to local people who claimed to have spotted a 'Skunk Ape' or two...if Bigfoot is located in our area, these are the places you're most likely to find them.

Best Places to Hunt for Bigfoot in Northwest Louisiana

If a Bigfoot is located in Northwest Louisiana, here are the places you're mostly likely to find one. This list is complied from dozens of articles, official expert research and locals who claim to have seen the mythical creature.

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