I had to read this a few times before it really sunk in that city officials in Corpus Christi, Texas have threatened a restaurant with heavy fines for washing bird droppings off of his sidewalk.  John Webb, the manager of Crawdaddy's Restaurant in downtown Corpus Christi was told he can no longer wash the poop off the sidewalk as he has been doing for the last 18 years because he is washing pollutants into the storm drains.

The fine for washing bird droppings off the sidewalk is $2,000....A DAY!  My first thought was, "Don't those same birds make deposits in the nearby bay or even the Gulf of Mexico?"  Then I found out that it's not the bird deposits that are the problem. it's the city water!  The city water has fluoride in it so I guess that's a threat to the environment but it's ok for people to drink it.

Corpus Christi officials say business owners are free to vacuum the sidewalks or get a professional service to clean them but they can't use a garden hose.  Vacuum?  Professional bird poop cleaning service?  What the heck!  Rainwater washes the sidewalks so maybe this restaurant could collect rainwater and connect a hose to the barrel to clean the sidewalk.

I wonder if nobody in Corpus Chrisi is allowed to wash a car or water a yard?  That city water runs off into their pristine bay as well.

Do you think the City of Corpus Christi can afford the major lawsuits that will start rolling in because of various illnesses contracted from the bird droppings?  Stuff gets on your shoes walking into the restaurant and before you know it bacteria and germs are breeding.  People die from bird generated droppings!

It has been suggested that the restaurant owner buy a falcon or two to patrol the sky over his restaurant and he would have a lot less to clean up....just maybe a few pigeon or sea gull feathers.  Then the restaurant would probably get complaints from PETA.  Another suggestion was that Mr. Webb should sweep or vacuum the droppings and deliver the product to City Hall so they could properly dispose of the droppings when disposing of all the government created poop.

This is another case of "government run a muck".  I think it's time that Corpus Christi shares with the rest of the nation methods they have used to reduce their crime rate to zero so they could focus on the dangers of washing bird droppings into their storm drains.

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