For those who enjoy boating and fishing on Henderson Lake, officials are now offering this word of caution. The water control gates have now been opened and the lake level will be receding over the next several days. This can pose a very real danger to boaters who are unfamiliar with the body of water and who are not cognizant of shallow areas and underwater obstructions.

Officials hope to reduce the impacts of the Hydrilla and Giant Salvinia by reducing the water in which the plants thrive. According to a press release officials  plan to draw the water level in Henderson lake down by two to three inches per day over the next several days.

This draw down is done in accordance with the Henderson Lake Water Management Plan as developed by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. The plan is to hold the water level in the lake between six and seven feet through November 1st of 2016.

Boaters are reminded and cautioned that this reduced water level will change navigation across the lake. Boaters are advised to stick to the main channels and where the water is high. The dangers of stumps and other underwater obstructions will increase because of the lower water levels in the lake.

KATC TV 3 Fishing Expert Jimmy D explained that some boat launch sites will become very shallow as a result of this draw down. He also cautioned boaters to be wary of stumps even in the  main navigation channels.

If you'd like to track the level of the lake and the effects of the draw down you can visit this USGS site that is connected to the gauges on Lake Henderson and Lake Pelba.