This week on 'Brand Buzz' Jaci Russo tells of her research trip to New York City to investigate the marketing genius behind Cronuts.

We asked Jaci to explain all the type about cronuts and she said,

I am fascinated by the way they have marketed these things. A 'cronut' for anybody who has not had the opportunity to experience these, they are the invention of this one bakery in SoHo and it is a mix of croissant and a's flaky like a croissant and it's round like a doughnut and it's been fried like a doughnut.

The product itself is incredible but what most impressed Jaci was the marketing of the product. According to Jaci,

The thing that impressed me about the bakery is the marketing side of it. They only make a set number per day and they won't tell you how many they make. People line up outside the store at 5:00am even though they don't open until 7:00am or 8:00am and they wait around the block winter snow, ice they wait, everyday. You're only allowed to buy two per day.

We asked Jaci to detail the extreme measures taken by the bakery to insure the purity and scarcity of the product. Jaci said,

There's a security guard who comes out every 15 minutes with a store employee. I would describe the security guard as being straight from a Martin Scorsese Godfather movie. He's dressed in all black with a suspicious bulge on the side of his jacket. You can almost make out the bulge of a gun. He explained to everyone in the line that if in fact you were intending to resell your purchase when you leave the store he will 'forcibly' his word, take it from you, refund your $5.00 and then destroy it.

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