Jaci Russo shared her thoughts on what political candidates can do to encourage greater voter turnout while also better ‘building their brands’ in this week’s Brand Buzz.

Jaci explained that she believes candidates 'didn’t do enough to make people feel compelled to go to the polls', contrasting voter interest with the fervor seen over the release of the latest iPhone.

"You think about those people who are wait in line hours, days to buy the newest iPhone. How do we care more about that than people who are running for office and make such important decisions in our lives?

Jaci also sees a correlation between low voter turnout as seen in last weekend’s election and negative campaigning on the part of some candidates.

“[Negative campaigning] it’s a turn-off, and it makes people so frustrated that they don’t show up. They feel like it’s choosing between evil 1 and evil 2, and [voters] are angry at the whole process and turned off by the process.”

Watch the video above to hear the rest of our interview with Jaci, including her thoughts on the Ragin' Cajuns big match against the UL Monroe Warhawks this weekend. To get more great information on branding,  visit Jaci's blog, Razor Branding Blog.


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