Kentwood, Louisiana native Britney Spears (40) says she walked into a bar last week for the first time in her life—so she claimed on Instagram. But didn't we hear stories about her going to the world-famous Cat's Meow on Bourbon Street when she was younger?

Well anyway, according to Spears, Thursday, was her first time ever walking into a bar. She allegedly couldn't do that because of a clause in her conservatorship, the superstar said she could not drink. She said she had never gone into a bar, nor did she drink alcohol during the 13 years the conservatorship was active. She also says she never had alcohol during her Las Vegas residency even going so far as to have all alcohol banned from backstage.

Last week, Spears and her assistant walked into a restaurant bar and had cocktails.

This is my first time at a bar. First time. -Britney Spears Instagram

I feel so fancy and I feel so sophisticated. -Britney Spears Instagram

So glad they took my rights away for 13 years to have a cocktail!!! I'm so grateful y'all!!! -Britney Spears Instagram

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