According to reports, new court documents say that Jamie Spears has agreed to step down as conservator over Britney Spears. As it currently stands, Britney will not be free of her conservatorship but will certainly be free from her father's control.

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See the report from @TMZ on Twitter below.

The report indicates that Jamie Spears will be stepping down as conservator over his daughter, Britney Spears. While her conservatorship remains in place, Britney along with her estate will no longer be controlled by her father, Jamie.

The new legal documents from Jamie Spears' lawyer shows that the pop-star's father does not believe there needs to be a change in conservator, but concedes that a public battle with Britney is also not in her best interests.

Jamie Spears lawyer indicates in the documents that he hopes to continue working with the court and Britney's new lawyer so that a transition to a new conservator can go smoothly.

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The #FreeBritney movement has built up quite a bit of steam in recent months and this is another step in the direction of Britney Spears possibly getting out of her conservatorship altogether.

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