School Lockers

The St. Landry Parish School Board has voted to make some changes to their budget as they had to make those immediate changes due to an estimated four million dollar shortfall.  They were looking at several proposals last night at the board meeting to try to stem the flood.

The school board decided last night to hold off an a proposal that would have meant cuts to employees' salaries and their benefits.  Instead the board decided to take other budget cutting measures.  Some cuts had to start being made as their is a projected four million dollar shortfall in the numbers.

That vote was 12-1 as the board voted against a request by interim Superintendent Donnie Perron to have the district stop paying the district's share of employee medical insurance benefits along with instituting a two-day work furlough, reducing the number of short-term substitute teachers along with eliminating summer school and driver's education classes this year.

The board, with that same vote, approved Perron's proposal though to suspend a number of items, including athletic trainers' contracts, district-funded cellphone contracts, the mailing of employee paychecks and contracts for the district's GPS system.