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In a world based on social media and who can post the funniest memes first, we thought we'd give you a leg up on the competition with our collection of the best Christmas in Louisiana memes!

Surely you've seen comments on your friends' posts that say something like, 'I'm stealing this!' I know I see it on the regular. So why not beat everyone else to the punch? After all, likes and shares equal popularity, right? I'm being facetious, sure, but whether we like it or not, most of us seek validation through the amount of social interaction we have online. And we judge people who share or post memes that we've already seen before. I mean, they're so dull because they're late to the party!

Well, you'll be on the cutting edge of social media with these funnies. Feel free to share away... and don't worry about giving us credit. All of the credit belongs to Cajun Giggles! 

Who can resist a Christmas wish list that includes a Nutria rat?

Nothing says 'Christmas in Louisiana' like a Tony's tree topper!

Even Santa has to take a break sometimes!

Is there anything better than hot, boiled crawfish?

Oh, T-Boo! We love your momma's gumbo, too!

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