Every year, companies of all kinds will release their holiday ads selling a product against a backdrop of Christmas decorations, snow, family gatherings, and presents. Sometimes, they're memorable. Sometimes, they are gone as soon as the weather warms up again.

But one American company has decided to focus more on the feelings and the message than the product they're trying to sell, and as a result, they have crafted some incredibly memorable short films that just happen to also feature their product.

That company is Chevrolet.

Last year's ad, "Holiday Ride," may have been the most powerful ad out there. It featured a man who had lost his wife and was only able to remain connected with her through her old Chevy convertible, which he had stored away. His daughter got the car fixed up without him knowing and surprised him, saying "It's what Mom would have wanted."

This year's ad doesn't have the emotional impact that one did, but it has something that will absolutely warm your heart.

The ad, "Mrs. Hayes," features an older woman who can't get her old Chevrolet to start. As she sits, frustrated, behind the wheel, she begins to flash back to her husband, who she last saw as she dropped him off at a military recruitment office.

The ad then makes clear he did not return home.

Credit: Chevrolet/YouTube
Credit: Chevrolet/YouTube

We see a series of moments at her new home where she befriends a neighborhood child named Billy and she becomes close with him and others in the neighborhood. They become her family.

We see Billy grow up, helping her with her car. We see his wife come to Mrs. Hayes saying that she is going into labor and Mrs. Hayes simply grabs the keys. But after all the flashbacks are over, she finds herself still behind the wheel of a car that won't start - but there's Billy, who takes her home.

Not only that, he surprises her the next morning with her car, all fixed up, as she's preparing the house for Christmas.

Here's the full ad.

It's such a beautiful, powerful message for the holiday season, and we need to be reminded from time to time that the love we have for family, friends, and community is just so important at times like these.

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