With much colder weather predicted for the area tonight Alton Trahan of the Lafayette Fire Department visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss some fire hazards and precautions.

When asked what the major hazard was at this time of year Trahan said,

Anyone using space heaters we recommend they plug them directly into a wall outlet.  Many times people will plug them into an extension cord and bring the heater from room to room and that contributes to many house fires.  All space heaters should be kept at least three feet away from walls or any other combustible materials.

In addition to space heaters Trahan said there is another hazard present in many homes.

In older homes especially some people will use stove top burners on gas stoves to heat an area and that presents a major fire hazard.

Trahan offered tips for fireplace use as well.

Homeowners with fireplaces should have them cleaned at the start of each season.  They should only be used during waking hours and ashes should be disposed of properly away from any structures.


For more tips and advice click here to listen to the interview:




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