Researchers at Colorado State University have now amended their previous forecast for the 2022 season saying they believe more storms are possible this season.

In their discussion of this year's season, forecasters with Colorado State University say above-average Atlantic water temperatures and a less active La Nina will likely lead to even more storms for the 2022 Hurricane season.

In their initial forecast in April of this year, researchers said there would be 19 named storms, but they have now upped the prediction to 20 named storms. Also different from the April forecast, the June forecast now predicts that there will be 10 hurricanes this Atlantic Hurricane Season instead of 9.

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Originally back in April, researchers predicted there would be 4 major hurricanes, but they have increased that number to 5. As far as the Gulf Coast region, officials say there is a 50% chance that we will have to deal with a hurricane somewhere between the Florida Panhandle and Brownsville, Texas. The percentage of the entire U.S. Continental coastline experiencing a hurricane is 76%.

Researchers say the probability of one major hurricane making it into the Caribbean this year is 65%.

The research team of Philip Klotzback, Michael Bell, and Alex DesRosier found that the temperature in the Atlantic in the last several weeks has increased immensely. The waters are experiencing above-average temperatures. Regardless of what the predictions are and from what agency, the fact remains that everyone who lives along the Louisiana coastline should be prepared in the event that a storm begins to make its way towards us.

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