7th District Charles Boustany Congressman joined 'Mornings With Ken & Bernie' today and applauded yesterday's Gulf oil lease sale.  39 million acres in the central Gulf were leased and brought in $1.9 billion in revenues.

A bill is being debated now in the House that will expedite the leasing process.  Boustany said,

"Bottom-line is this.  When a company gets a lease it takes time to develop that lease.  Oftentimes especially in deep water it can be an eight to ten year to produce oil."

We asked Congressman Boustany his opinion of Attorney General Eric Holder and Boustany said he was one of the first Congressman to go on the House Floor and ask for Holder's resignation.  Boustany said due to 'Fast and Furious' led by Eric Holder a border control agent was murdered by the Mexican drug cartels.

Listen to the interview:

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