Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' 7th District Congressman Charles Boustany outlined House Resolution 6176, the Aligning Incentives for Better Patient Care Act which he authored to help reduce the cost of healthcare.

Congressman Boustany said,

"I know we can reduce Medicare costs by removing legal barriers preventing hospitals from delivering better care to seniors. Under current law, it’s a criminal offense for a hospital to reward physicians for helping with important quality improvement programs, including those designed to reduce avoidable hospital re-admissions or the rate of avoidable re-operations. This unintended rule creates waste and prevents patients from receiving the best possible care.”

Boustany went on to say it's difficult to get anything done when the President is so inaccessible.  According to Boustany in a recent conversation with Speaker of The House, John Boehner, Boehner said he had not spoken face-to-face with President Obama in three months.

Listen to the interview: