When it comes to environments that would make mitigation of a highly contagious virus difficult I would have to imagine that a prison environment could be one of the worst. You have a lot of individuals in confined and close quarters and probably not the best opportunities to promote personal hygiene either.

That kind of a nightmare situation is being handled right now at the Oakdale Federal Correctional Complex in Allen Parish. That parish is currently reported to have two cases of the COVID-19 virus and based on information from the Federal Bureau of Prisons both of those cases are connected to the prison facility in Oakdale.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Calcasieu Parish, it was announced last night that the parish had experienced its first death as a result of the COVID-19 virus. Very few details were released about that victim. Meanwhile, Calcasieu Parish continues to report four active cases of the disease.

The next official update from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals is scheduled to be delivered at Noon today.



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