A Moss Bluff man is facing charges of attempted second-degree murder after allegedly shooting at his wife. Calcasieu Sheriff Tony Mancuso says 36-year-old Robert Moreau was driving home with his wife from a party with a gun in his lap when he threatened to shoot her. It escalated as they got home.

Robert Moreau, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office
Robert Moreau, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office

"He actually fires a shot, we believe, at her.  She and he get in a scuffling match where his kids now get involved and were actually able to grab the gun," said Mancuso.

Upon disarming Moreau, one of the couple’s three sons, ages 10, 12, and 14, then pulls another gun on Moreau and threatened him if he doesn’t leave their mother alone. Mancuso says this did not sit well with Moreau.

"He goes inside, grabs a long rifle, and puts a body armor on and a helmet and begins looking for her throughout the house and throughout the property and taking shots," said Mancuso.

The rest of the family fled to a neighbor’s house, while Moreau took off in his truck. Authorities tried to stop him, but Mancuso says the Moreau led them on a 4-mile pursuit.

"We came very very close to shooting this man.  He comes out and is actually telling us he wants us to shoot him.  One of the deputies was able to get in position and actually tase him and bring him into custody without having to do that," says

Moreau was booked at the Calcasieu Correctional Center with a bond set at $247,000.

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