As Ukraine continues to defend its country from the Russian invasion, many around the world are showing their support for the Ukrainians.

We have seen buildings illuminated in Ukrainian colors, while others have waived the Ukrainian colors proudly across the globe.

Protestors Gather In Washington DC After Ukraine Invasion
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Now, some daiquiri shops are doing their part to cancel "Russia" too, while showing their support for Ukraine,

A few photos have surfaced on social media that show bars changing the name of the "White Russian" to the "White Ukrainian".

This again is being done to show support towards the Ukrainians as they attempt to defend their homeland.

Berlin Illuminates Brandenburg Gate In Ukraine Flag Colors
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Many major companies in recent days have elected to cancel their business relationship with Russia since the invasion and now bars are behind the mission too.

So, if you go to your favorite daiquiri shop in the near future and you see the "White Ukriaiann," let it be known it is nothing new on the menu. It's the same favorite, but with a new name.

Apparently a number of shops around the country around editing the "White Russian" in their establishment because a number of folks are recognizing it too.


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