Daniel Cormier, former UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion, has never been afraid to claim his hometown of Lafayette. The stories he tells about his youth, his reaction when fellow Lafayette native and UFC fighter Dustin Poirier knocked out Conor McGregor, and now...

We know DC feels passionate about barbecue after the scathing rebuke of his UFC co-host who he felt had no right to comment on a video of some delicious-looking brisket due to his vegetarianism.

Now there's a man that's serious about his smoked meat.

But if I had to rack my brain for the types of food Lafayette is known for, I would probably say seafood, Cajun food, something like that.

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DC, meanwhile, is out here putting us on a barbecue pit pedestal. On his show, DC & RC, Cormier placed Lafayette above saucy staple cities like Kansas City, Memphis, and Austin, from which he had just returned.

Let's break it down.

The first thing he mentions is the sides. He describes how the rice dressing, pork n' beans, and mac and cheese all match the quality of the main dishes. As any carnivorous connoisseur would tell you, sides are just as important to good barbecue as anything else.

Secondly he mentions that in Lafayette, we "burn ours a little bit", getting a little crunch on our meats. Now I'm not much of a crisp barbecue guy myself, but even I have to admit he has a strong point here when he says "there is no barbecue like Lafayette barbecue".

But of course, DC's definitely unbiased take had some detractors.

How dare you Killashaw? Midcity Smokehouse would like a word.

As for me, I love DC gassing up Lafayette's cookout credentials. I may not be as well travelled as he is, but I can't say I'd disagree with him.

Man, now I'm hungry.

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