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Democrats Shocked At Republican Support For Gay Marriage

Democrats seemed really sure that they would be getting one up over Republicans on a bill to codify gay marriage into law following Clarence Thomas' concurring opinion in the Dobbs case. When 47 Republicans joined with Democrats in passing the bill, the headlines couldn't help but celebrate it. However, it's clear Democrats weren't expecting it, based on these comments from the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, Dick Durbin, yesterday.

They didn't want to burn valuable floor time on bills they were sure wouldn't pass. But with a large Republican backing in the House, now Democrats want the bill brought up ASAP. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is now going out saying he wants to bring the bill to the floor. He's in charge of the schedule though. If he wants it there, he can make it happen regardless of Republicans.

The problem is that Democrats wanted this to be an election issue, and it clearly isn't going to be.

Biden Gives Up On Congress, Will Go It Alone On Climate

Speaking of election issues, Joe Biden is now 100 percent on board with using executive action to tackle climate change. At this point, one has to assume this is about keeping the remaining Democrats happy.

We need more fossil fuels. We need more coal. But the President will declare a climate crisis and further destabilize our power grid. He is doing so at a time Americans care about inflation and are seeing their quality of life degraded.

This looks like insanity. But it is actually the best they can do politically. The President and Democrats cannot do anything about abortion. They can’t get anything through the Senate right now. They have given up trying to persuade the middle class, the moderates, and the independents. Instead, they have to maximize their outreach to the white, progressive, college-educated left. They have to get those people to turn out in record numbers in order to mitigate what is coming.

The President’s policies seem deeply out of touch. They are out of touch with most Americans but deeply in touch with the white progressive left. Democrats know they’ve lost the middle. Now, they are just hoping to placate the left, so while they lose in November, they minimize their losses.

Demography Is Not, In Fact, Destiny

More data points continue to come out pointing to a major drop in minority support for Democrats ahead of the November midterms. The party that once believed demographics were on their side are now struggling to keep those groups with them. From my RedState column this morning:

Democrats have long believed that “demography is destiny” — that if they just build a multicultural coalition utilizing shifting demographics in the country, they’d obtain a permanent political majority. But there’s a problem: Democrats then switched to all identity politics and extreme takes on social issues that end up pushing many of those demographic groups away.

And all the while, they have whistled past this particular graveyard. Donald Trump, vilified as the most racist and corrupt President of all time, nonetheless picked up increasing Hispanic and even black voter support. Republicans in states like Texas and Florida, which have a very large number of Hispanic voters, are getting larger and larger shares of those votes.

There is increasing dissatisfaction with Biden among black voters. The working class are losing their faith in Democratic politicians in swing states. The base they were so reliant on is disappearing ahead of the November midterms.

They are simply running out of time to fix this.

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