"Back To The Future 2" stars Doc Brown and Marty McFly reunited in a familiar place to list the bold predictions for "the future" that actually became reality.

There were a lot of lofty things that didn't come true (we're looking at you, hoverboard) but the movie did nail a solid amount of the predictions for the future, or at least came really close (we're looking at you, hoverwheels).

But all joking aside, has anyone been following the Cubs?

We are gearing up for our own Back To The Future Experience on Wednesday, October 21 (aka "the future"—derr) at Parc International in Downtown Lafayette, but in the meantime enjoy this charming conversation between the actual Doc (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) as we await their arrival.

Their nostalgic clip comes courtesy of Toyota, as they are using the movie to promote their futuristic hydrogen cel car, the Marai.

Now if only Nike would hurry up and release those self-lacing shoes.

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