Friends and family members of Beth Chapman gathered to remember her after she lost her cancer battle last month. The service, which was televised, featured notable speakers including her good friend Shannon Tweed Simmons (wife of KISS lead singer Gene Simmons) and her husband Dwayne "The Dog" Chapman. The words are gut-wrenching but showed the open wounds of a mourning husband.

If there is a GOD he won't let me live that long without her.

We learned more about her battle with stage 4 cancer in the emotional eulogy by her beloved husband. In it, he said doctors warned her against filming the latest show on A&E. She did not want to stop and pushed on for filming more than 14 hours at a time.

She will never be dead to me. She is in another place... I had a dream that she went to heaven, of course, and an angel met her.

You can watch Dog's full eulogy below:

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