Louisiana's Transportation Secretary Shawn Wilson spoke with Rob and  Bernie today on Acadiana's Morning News.

Wilson stressed the importance of our state's  thoroughfares as conduits of commerce and tourism. And he should know. As the Louisiana Department of Transportation secretary, he commutes from Lafayette to Baton Rouge daily.

DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson

He said the Interstate-10 and Interstate-49 corridors will be very significant growth corridors for the future of businesses in Acadiana.

Unlike other states, Louisiana does not have a "build it and they will come mentality" regarding development of new roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

Instead, the state's Department of Transportation maintains a balancing act between committing funds to preserving the state's existing infrastructure and developing new infrastructure components.

Wilson shares his thoughts on this "Preseve First" mentality and other topics in the audio clip above. Click on the photo of Interstate 10 above to listen to the entire interview.

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