In case you missed it, listen to the latest Dr. Harry Fisch Show, the nation’s only men’s health program. Dr. Fisch helps men with their most intimate problems and needs.

Hour 1:

Have you heard Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum’s view on medical malpractice? Dr. Fisch discusses how current and proposed legislation for medical malpractice affects the medical world and you.

Hour 2:

The no. 1 sexual dysfunction is premature ejaculation. About 40 percent of men suffer from premature ejaculation – meaning they can’t last more than two minutes. Dr. Fisch talks with Dr. Sy Silverberg about how to last longer without chemicals.

Hour 3:

Deciding whether to circumcise your son? Men who are not circumcised are at a greater risk of contracting HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.

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