Round one!"


"It's one on one baby"


"December 8th is coming and he can't hide"


"I am energized and I am ready and he cannot hide"


This is some of the speech that Dr. Charles Boustany gave once he came back into Pat's Downtown after leaving to watch the election results at home. The final tally puts Boustany at 45% of the district and Jeff Landry trailing with 30%.

Here's what happened that night.

It was a big collection of Boustany supporters all here to watch and celebrate, if victorious, with the man himself. Many of the people there looked to be family and friends of the congressman. His son Erik, said that he was confident in his father.

I feel very confident. My Dad worked hard and put a lot of work into it."

Boustany made his rounds for most of the night thanking people and speaking to his supporters. According to some of the staff, Boustany left the venue to watch the result from the comfort of his home with the intention of coming back once the results were posted. His wife, Bridget Boustany was also confident in the Congressman's campiagn.

I feel like everyone has worked hard and can sleep well tonight. It doesn't matte if it's one vote or ten thousand, it's a win and we will count it as such. I think right wins out in the long run."

Tension was mounting as the supporters and staff alike gather around the TVs set up in the restaurant. Many faces were looking up and expecting victory, but as of 8:41, it did not yet come.

As of 9:06, according to, Boustany is ahead with a lead of 41% of the vote and over 40,000 votes. Trailing behind is Jeff Landry with 31% of the votes and Ron Richard in a close third with 23%. Many of the supports are becoming more excited as time passes by because they are also watching the geauxvote updates and seeing Boustany with a stronger lead.

10:00 and the votes are almost finished tallying. Boustany is leading the polls at 44% with 579 precincts out of 616 tallied. Many around are claiming that a run-off might be the outcome of the election. Unless he can pull another seven percent of the vote with the short amount of precincts remaining, a run-off will occur for the third congressional district.

Around 10:25, the Boustany staff has mentioned that they have accepted the runoff after seeing that they weren't going to get over 50% of the vote and that Boustany is coming back to the restaurant to speak.

Boustany is back in the room after an absence of about an hour and a half and immediately went to the podium to being speaking. His speech was fired up and exciting and had the supporters cheering in support.

Overall, it was a good night for the Boustany campaign. This battle might be over, but the war has only just begun.

The run-off coverage will continue on KPEL and we will keep you up to date on all things involved with the 3rd congressional district.

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